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Azurbali is Indonesia’s original waterproof drybags brand. Azurbali started in December 2011 in the tropical Bali Island. Azurbali is a local Indonesian brand that sells waterproof bags that are high quality with waterproof material and reasonably priced.

The best selling waterproof drybags are the cylinder dry bags that are available in 10L and 15L size. The cylinder drybags have adjustable straps and sling bag model. The cylinder drybags of Azurbali can be made with custom logo, allowing your brand or your own logo to be on the drybags with affordable additional costs.

Azurbali also has a line of waterproof pouch bags, to carry your cellphones or money. This waterproof pouch bags are compact and can be slipped on your belt.

Our waterproof tote bags offer comfort, style, and protection from water. Azurbali waterproof tote bags are available in many colors with comfortable shoulder straps.

For a lighter version of the cylinder dry bags, Azurbali has a line of ultra light dry bags that are available in 5L & 10L size. They are super light with a weight of 0,04 grams only. The only difference with the original cylinder dry bags are the straps since they don’t come with straps thus making it possible to use these dry bags as a bag in a bag to carry your smaller items and then placed it inside your bigger bags.

Our latest dry bags are waterproof backpack that has the quality of a drybag but the comfort of a backpack with two shoulder straps and a waterproof zipper in front for easier reach to your small items like your cellphones, tickets or maps.

Azurbali works with quality waterproof materials, mainly PVC 500D but we also work with other types of waterproof elements like waterproof zipper, TPU, Polyester 40D and high temperature sealing to make sure that water is blocked from outside so inside the bags can be dry all the time.

Don’t forget that we also have colorful plastic belts that you can use with your jeans, pants, skirt, and anything to complete your stylish looks. Azurbali belts are anti airport alarm because they are made with silicone.

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