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waterpark-1-small-2Bali, January 2014 – It’s the start of the year and the rainy season. Azurbali products are still the useful companions to keep your things dry all the time.

We have a range of waterproof and colorful products to keep your things dry all the time everywhere you are. Our best selling cylinder dry bags come in two sizes; 10 Liters and 15 Liters, with waterproof level 2 for quick submersion in the water thanks to the high temperature sealing system; perfect to carry when you are rafting, surfing, diving, and riding your bikes during the rainy season.

The newest feminine range is our waterproof tote bag by Azurbali offering colorful range of waterproof material bags with waterproof zipper. Our tote bags have level 1 waterproof to keep your documents and belongings dry all the time even when it’s raining cats and dogs. Z Plus (Z+) is Azurbali’s waterproof pouch bags that are handy and compact with level 2 waterproof to store your cellphones and other mini items. Use it alone on your belts or together with your dry bag so it’s easier to find small things inside your big bag.

The fashionable line of Z Belt; colorful plastic belts are still available for sale for the young at hearts. With rainbow colored spirit, Z Belt is a range of adjustable belts that are metal detector free, saving you time to take off your belts during airport check. The great thing about all Azurbali products is they will not rust.

To celebrate the launching of the new online shop at www.azurbali.com Azurbali gives a 15% discount for online sales without minimum purchase. Type the code HAPPY2014 during check out and payment process to redeem your coupon. Azurbali is also available in stores listed on page 2.

You can put your own logo to the dry bags since we make customs dry bags. Our existing clients include hotels, yoga centers, dive centers, outdoor sports operators and surf camps in Indonesia, Australia and Austria.

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